Shipley has been awarded a variety of awards and commendations
  • Bishop’s Commendation

  • Shipley CE Primary School was awarded a very special Bishop’s Commendation for its Peace Garden, which was opened in 2013. The idea for the Peace Garden came from one of our children, who suggested that it would be a good idea if there was a special space where children could go and think, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet. The children worked very hard to turn this wonderful idea into reality, and created the designs for the three striking glass panels which decorate the back edge of the Peace Garden. It is now used by all the children whenever any of them wish to stop and reflect on their day, or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the school. 

  • Healthy Schools

  • Shipley CE Primary School has held National Healthy School Status since 2011. This award recognises our whole school approach to learning, particularly within Personal, Social and Health Education, and our commitment to creating happier, healthier children who do better in learning and life. As part of our work towards achieving, and retaining our Healthy School award, our children set their own healthy eating guidelines, with a “no crisps or chocolate” rule for packed lunches between Monday and Thursday.

  • Eco Schools Award

  • Shipley School is also recognised as an “Eco School”. This means that we are committed to reducing waste and conserving energy. We have held “Eco School” status since 2011. Our children have implemented a range of measures to ensure that the whole school behaves in an ecologically-responsible manner, including recycling our waste paper and having separate bins for paper, plastic and fruit and vegetables in the classrooms and the hall. Fruit and vegetables are recycled in our compost bin.

    • We have our own chickens called Sage and Onion, who live in our vegetable garden. The chickens scratch up the soil. The manure enriches our compost and naturally we eat the eggs!
    • We have a compost bin. We take the compost bins up to the big compost bin in the school garden. When it has rotted down we use the compost for growing flowers and vegetables in Gardening Club.
    • We check that all the lights are turned off when no-one is in the room to save electricity.
    • We check the temperatures in the classrooms to see whether we can save energy. We also make sure we close the doors.
    • We always make sure our wild birds have plenty of food.
    • We now have a vegetable plot so we can grow our own vegetables and we have planted some trees at the far end of the field.
    • We have created a lovely butterfly garden to encourage butterflies to visit our school. We won first place in the Rotary Club’s recent competition among local schools, and received a plaque and money which we are putting towards buying more butterfly-friendly plants.