"Pupils show kindness and respect for each other, for staff and for visitors." Ofsted 2014
  • Shipley CE Primary has four classes, each taught by an experienced teacher and one or more teaching assistants. Three of our four classes are mixed-age, which enables us to offer great flexibility in teaching the less able or more able within these groups. None of our classes are large: we have no more than 75 children at Shipley, and our teachers know each and every child very well. Our classes are named after trees, in keeping with our rural location.

  • Willow Class

    Year R
    age 4-5
  • Oak Class

    Years 1 and 2
    age 5-7
  • Ash Class

    Years 3 and 4
    age 7- 9
  • Sycamore Class

    Years 5 and 6
    age 9-11
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  • Activities and Visits

    • Sycamores Trip to Knepp On Armistice Day, 11th November, Sycamores marched down to Knepp as World War 1 soldiers. They took some of their resources with them in the trolley and sang as they marched.  There were 5 activities and 5 groups. Two activities were wartime cooking and the children soon set about peeling potatoes and chopping onions. They made corned beef patties and spam hash. They also made Wartime Welsh Cakes which had carrot in. 

       At 10:50am we stopped for hot chocolate and Anzac biscuits. We read poems the children had written and found out about The British Legion before observing the 2 minutes silence of remembrance. The children were amazing and it was all very moving.

       After lunch we finished making gas mask boxes and gas masks as well as poppies and the poppy wreath. We were now evacuees being sent away in World War 2. Everyone had an amazing day, loving all of the activities. 

    • Star Light, Star Bright – A Big Thank You…All the children and parents that attended the Star Light Star Bright evening on Tuesday would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Merry and her team. A lot of effort went into organising a very special event for all. Hot chocolate was on tap and the biscuit tin went round more than once as everyone started off sitting round Mr Coulter’s roaring fire. Then it was off to explore the playground with torches and find some stars (and the moon in some puddles)! After that the children enjoyed reading their favourite books by torchlight in Willows and Oaks. The full moon was spectacular by the end of the evening and the children had a magical time. Thank you to all the staff, not least of all for doing all the clearing up… lots of muddy boot prints were left behind!