Literacy & Phonics

  • We use the letters and sounds phonics scheme throughout the school to develop whole class phonic awareness as a basis for reading and writing skills.

    We support this with resources from Readwriteinc in our small group and individual support. We mainly use Oxford Tree reading scheme books to support early reading however, we have supplemented this scheme with books from ReadWriteinc and other well established reading schemes.

  • Phonics at Shipley CE Primary School

    Since the end of September 2014 we have taught phonics and early reading skills using the letters and sounds approach. You may have heard this referred to as Synthetic Phonics. Synthetic phonics is the breaking down of words into their separate sound components known as phonemes. Phonemes can consist of more than one letter for example ch, oo, er, igh etc. In our teaching we discuss elements such as:

    • Digraphs: these are two letters making a single sound eg: ar, ee, ou etc.
    • Trigraphs are three letters making a single sound eg: igh.
    • A grapheme is a phoneme written down.
    Segmenting is where you break each word into its separate phoneme, for example ‘chop’ has 3 phonemes, ch/o/p. Blending is simply putting those sounds back together to form a word. Some words in the English language cannot be broken down into separate phonemes. These words are known as tricky words and we teach the children to be able to read and know the whole word, for example, ‘said’ or ‘what’. There are 6 phases within Letters & Sounds and most children will complete Phase 6 by the end of Year 2, however this can continue into Year 3 if required. To help parents to support their children at home you may find the leaflet from Redcar Local Authority useful:

    It is also vital that the correct pronunciation is used for each phoneme. The video below will help you in supporting your child’s correct sound pronunciation.